Home Business What technologies couriers should use to run a successful business?

What technologies couriers should use to run a successful business?

What technologies couriers should use to run a successful business?
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Today, every business is dependent on technology. The extent to which a company is dependent obviously depends on the nature of its business and the industry it is in. From the exploration of rare earth metals to the local diners, every industry needs technology. Courier services or the courier industry is no different. Certain technologies are imperative for a courier company and some are optional. Let us take a look at the kind of technologies couriers should use to run a successful business.

A courier company must have an ERP solution. An enterprise resource planning software is imperative. Such an application will help a courier company to have everything organized. From the charges for different types of cargos and by volume or weight to the regulations of various countries where the parcels are being sent, from generating and issuing consignment numbers to having all billing or invoicing at one place in one central database, ERP caters to everything that a business needs.

ERP is also centralized and provides real-time access to every system or account connected to it. So a courier company doesn’t have to use any other form of reporting or notifying. Everyone working in the courier services in context will get to know the status and progress of each courier or shipment. ERP is used in dozens of industries and if a courier company doesn’t use such technology then it is going to waste a lot more time on tasks that can be automated. This solution is necessary to remain relevant today.

Vehicle tracking system is also necessary. Whether it is a long distance dispatch or someone sends a parcel to USA and a local delivery agent caters to the job, vehicle tracking system is absolutely imperative.

RFID & barcode technologies must be used by courier services. There should be portable RFID and barcode scanners, merchant gateways that provide portable swiping machines should there be any need for mobile payment systems or payment on delivery and such systems are also needed in the offices of courier companies.

Courier companies must also consider using games. Some entrepreneurs have started using games to simulate real world challenges so they can train their staff. For instance, if someone is delivering a parcel to USA and has to take a certain route, that kind of training can be provided with the help of simulation or video games.

Online CRM is also a necessary technology. The CRM shouldn’t be just used by the courier company but must also be accessible for the customers. How else would they track their consignments and how else would you track customers’ activities pertaining to a shipment.

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