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Wimbledon – “World Cup” in tennis

Wimbledon -

The most prestigious tournament in the world started yesterday.

Wimbledon is the oldest tournament in the world. It has been held since 1877, and the first winner of this tournament was the British Spencer Gore. Since then, the trophy has been handed over, which in free translation is called “One-handed world champion of the All-English grass club”.

At that time, a two-handed backhand did not exist, but that shot was performed exclusively with one hand – just as Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, Richard Gasquet do now…

This tournament is also one of the 4th Grand Slam to be played during the year (in addition to the Australian Open, Roland Garros, and the US Open). 128 tennis players are fighting for the title at Wimbledon.

The third Grand Slam of the season is known today as the tournament of pims, champagne, and strawberries with whipped cream, but it has one special curiosity.

One of the most beautiful and certainly the most important trophies in sports has a special detail that many do not know where it comes from. On top of the trophy, the cap is a pineapple.

This is not a coincidence – in the 17th century, the pineapple was a very expensive commodity, mostly because it was almost non-existent in England. He was a symbol of significant wealth and was on the tables of rich households only during the big holidays.

If you found yourself at a table with a pineapple in those years, you could consider yourself very honored.

Serbia can boast that it is also one of the countries that have a winner in this prestigious tournament in several competitions. Novak Djokovic won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon, while Nenad Zimonjic won the men’s doubles title. When it comes to women, the title from this tournament can only be praised by Jelena Janković, who won this mixed doubles tournament in a pair with Jamie Murray.

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